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- Offering Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Programs for Persons with Substance Abuse Problems -

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CompDrug, Inc.
547 East Eleventh Ave.
Columbus, OH 43211
Phone: 614 224-4506

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Located in Columbus, Ohio, CompDrug is one of the largest comprehensive organizations in Ohio offering prevention, intervention and treatment programs for persons with substance abuse problems and a provider of institutional and community based corrections programs.

Agency Commitment

 Based on the agency's philosophy and mission statement, CompDrug is committed to:

  • Providing leadership in developing service programs

  • Preventing, reducing or minimizing the occurrence of chemical addiction

  • Investigating innovative approaches to care for the chemically addicted

  • Providing optimal environments for recovery of the addicted

  • Providing institutional and community corrections programs for social re-integration

  • Promoting drug-free lifestyles


 Along with the programs you may further investigate from our menu, CompDrug provides these outpatient services:

  • Drug Testing
    CompDrug provides services for screening and intervention purposes provided to the general public, schools and parents; pre-employment and mandatory random testing for commercial businesses along with public safety and transportation centers.

  • Outpatient Counseling Services
    CompDrug offers six (6) services and pilot projects. The patient population is comprised primarily of referred adults from courts, Family and Children's Services and other agencies but is open to enrollment from the general public.

  • Methadone Treatment Program
    CompDrug provides eleven (11) supportive services in this program. This is the largest ambulatory outpatient service in Ohio, offering a full array of supportive services for adults with opioid addiction.

Mission Statement

The mission of CompDrug Corporation is to provide leadership in the promotion and development of a fully responsive range of preventive and recovery services to the chemically dependent persons in our community. We further pledge our efforts and assistance in providing viable re-integration services in the form of community corrections programs. The CompDrug Corporation is a private, not-for-profit organization providing services through public and private contracts since 1970.

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